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Applied Performance Coach Certification and Mentorship (Summer 2024)

Summer cohort starts July 21st and you will have access to content immediately after registering. 

All of This and More:

 4 Weekly Live Lectures and Q&A Sessions
 20+ Recorded Lectures
 50+ Hours of Live and Recorded Content
 Discount to APC Annual Summit
 Lifetime Access to Course
 Join APC Community and Network

The full course curriculum and more can be found here


What People Are Saying:

The APC course is a small piece of Ramsey's genius but a huge contribution to our field. All of the young up and coming performance coaches who aspire into becoming successful in their coaching journey should invest in their professional development starting with this course.

Mike Guevara (Mike G), NBA Performance Coach

APC combines a comprehensive summary of current research related to the most impactful areas of sport performance with high level mentorship and an incredible community of coaches across sports looking to get better. Ramsey has created a much-needed opportunity for coaches at all levels to continue pushing their development.

Kevin Neeld, Boston Bruins, NHL

This program is not for the faint of heart, but if you desire to progress yourself in your current role or profession, this is it. Whether you’re an up and coming professional or a seasoned coach, associating yourself with Ramsey and the APC will challenge you to grow. What I appreciate the most is the culture engrained in the program, coaches uplifting and helping one another. Ultimately, this is what it is all about, and you don’t want to miss out.

Joey Harty, Sporting KC, MLS

Applied Performance Coach is a must-have course for anyone looking to further their practical education using evidence-based means. Coach Ramsey provides foundational source material on all subject matter with a thought-provoking weekly lecture that welcomes open dialogue among all coaches in real time. There’s high quality, applicable information to be gained for new and veteran coaches alike by joining Team APC.

Andy King, San Francisco Giants, MLB

Ramsey is in a class of his own. His combination of knowledge, experience, and class sets him apart from the rest. Whatever this man does needs all your attention and respect.

Corey Schlesinger, Phoenix Suns, NBA

Coach Ramsey has put together the best professional development course on the market. You can tell from the first lecture how passionate he is about helping you develop and that passion is contagious. The course is tough and challenging but you won't find another professional development course that will truly help you become a better coach than this

Taran Smith, Fall 2021 Cohort

Dr. Nijem's APC course has set the standard for continuing education. He provides his cohorts with the skills necessary to effectively apply research, leadership, and personal development. As both a coach and educator, Dr. Nijem has given me resources to further bridge the gap between academia and the weight room. I highly recommend this course to any coach, healthcare professional, or clinician to better help athletes.

Dominic Defiesta, Summer 2022 Cohort

By far the best course I have ever taken. Coach Ramsey will guide you through some of the most important topics of S&C. A must do course if you want to take your craft to the next level.

Roberto Iezzi, Winter 2022 Cohort

This course is the best decision I have made during my journey as Strength and Conditioning professional. Dr. Ramsey is truly a special person, as it is so evident how much he cares. He truly wants to see his community succeed and will do anything he can to bring others up with him along the ride. I cannot recommend this course enough, as it is a must for anyone looking to exponentially grow in this field.

Danny Robertson, Summer 2022 Cohort

Even though I have a Masters degree this course takes you deeper with a lot of practical applications. Ramsey is a top class coach and person and he is raising the bar of what a modern day strength coach should be. I'm proud to be the part of the APC family.

Rok Razdevesk, Fall 2022 Cohort

The APC course is far and away the best option for practical continuing education currently in the field. This course touches on every topic a modern Performance Coach needs to work at a high level. I would recommend it to any coach serious about leveling up!

Phillip Nash, Summer 2021 Cohort

I cannot say enough positive things about this course. Whether you’re new to coaching athletes or been in the game for 10+ years there is something here for you. This is not a cake walk course- but a thorough, well- rounded overview of all aspects of S&C lead by someone who is clearly passionate about building better practitioners in our field.

Ashleigh Beaver, Summer 2022 Cohort